Family Law, Divorce & Support

If you need help with a Family law, divorce, support or custody case, please contact Armen Sefyan at (818) 925-9339 for a free consultation.

One of Sefyan Law Offices’s priorities is serving the interests of spouses and parents in the areas of Divorce, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Child Custody. In considering the emotional hardship associated with family law matters, we are fully prepared to handle these proceedings in a collaborative effort that involves arbitration and mediation. Beyond our extensive expertise in the area, we tackle family law cases with a holistic approach, to minimize escalation, protect the client’s privacy, and ensure proceedings are handled appropriately.

We also believe family law cases require astute legal representation, regardless of the interpersonal relationships involved. Whether you’re considering dissolution of marriage, or are engaged in a child custody struggle, knowledgeable legal representation is critical at each step of the process.

Please contact us if you require legal counseling regarding matters relating to your family and loved ones. We’re here to help you face this very difficult time, with the attention and care you deserve.


Unfortunately, marriages don’t always end well. Once you’ve decided to separate from your spouse, legal representation is necessary to address the complex and contentious proceedings ahead. We have the experience and vigorous approach to ensure our clients rights are protected when the Court orders Child Support, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Spousal Support, and division of assets.

We pride ourselves in our ability to aggressively negotiate agreements in regards to the contentious issues involved in a divorce. If an agreement cannot be reached, at the negotiating table, we are prepared to use litigation, to successfully defend our client’s best interests in court.

Child Support

When a couple decides to separate, the children and their welfare becomes a priority. We are familiar with the judges and the local proceedings that dictate child support matters. While child support is determined based on the income of each parent, and the negotiated child custody agreement, we also understand that the court will take into account several factors in making a final determination. At the Sefyan Law Offices, we understand the nuances of these factors and are prepared to fight to protect your rights in court.

Spousal Support

During the dissolution process, the California courts will generally rule that one spouse should pay support to the other until a final judgment has been entered. This is generally referred to as ‘alimony.’ The final judgment, which may encompass some form of spousal support, will depend on the length of the marriage, the couple’s standard of living during the marriage, and other mitigating factors, that the court will consider in making a final determination. Since there are both financial and legal matters to consider when spousal support is being considered, we feel it is vital to have an experienced attorney, at your side, to ensure the order is fair, nondiscriminatory and permissible under California law.

Child Custody

One of the most trying aspects of a divorce is determining child custody. Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved, particularly when the parents are fighting for their own personal interests. At the Sefyan Law Offices, we strongly believe that the well-being of the children is the most important issue to resolve during a divorce proceeding.

While custody and visitation are generally worked out as part of the divorce settlement, it is important to have an attorney at your side to ensure that you are awarded the custody arrangements that meet your needs.

In the end, we believe the protection of the children should be an issue that both parents can agree upon during the settlement. When issues arise, Sefyan Law Offices will be there to ensure the children’s interests are not compromised in the process of reaching an agreement regarding custody.

If you need help with a Family law, divorce, support or custody case, please contact Armen Sefyan at (818) 925-9339 for a free consultation.